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Using an ambassadors program to grow your charity; Q&A with ‘MQ: Transforming Mental Health’

Q&A with John Valentine of MQ: Transforming Mental Health and Lewis Clayton

December 11th 2017 (2pm GMT)

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In this webinar John Valentine from ‘MQ:Transforming Mental Health’ will walk you through the steps charities can take to plan, resource and run an ambassadors program

During this webinar John Valentine will explain how small charity ‘MQ: Transforming Mental Health’ created an ambassadors program to harness the power of motivated volunteers and communities.

Key takeaways:

  • What are ambassadors? What is an ambassadors program?
    Should we do this? What problems does it solve? What does it not solve? Why is a programme different from a project? What are the wider implications?
  • Finding resource for an ambassadors program
    How can you create an ambassadors program with limited staff? How do you get different parts of your organisation onboard?
  • Recruiting ambassadors 
    How do you source and engage ambassadors? What channels do you use to contact them?
  • What’s next for MQ: Transforming Health’s ambassador program?
  • Q&A
    Opportunity to ask John any pressing questions about running an ambassadors program.

Meet the Speakers


John Valentine

Senior Partnerships Manager, MQ: Transforming Mental Health

John works with a range of constituents including corporate supporters, community fundraisers and crucially – volunteers. He has worked with hundreds of volunteers, contributing their time and energy in many different ways. He is a passionate believer in the power of the voluntary community to drive forward a charity to new heights

Lewis Clayton

Digital Specialist, Hubbub

Lewis has helped shape the strategy for over 10 large nonprofit fundraising campaigns to help them reach new audiences with a digital ambassador programme.
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