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The Wildfire Manifesto

Our CEO, Jonathan May, shares his initial research on the potential and use of digital as a communications and engagement tool in alumni relations and fundraising, and covers some of the important findings and hypotheses about the future of digital best practice. This project was supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

The Sharing Center

The sharing center is a Google Drive folder filled with digital giving best practice documents. Contributions are added in real-time by education fundraising professionals.

Case studies and guides


Running a £100k Crowdfunding Campaign

A Guide to Major Crowdfunding, prepared by Jonathan May v1.0 July 2017

This 35-page guide will deliver a clear idea of the steps required to launch a large, successful crowdfunding campaign. Each section contains a set of goals, key questions to answer, recommendations, and the next steps to take.

– Planning
– Campaign messaging
– Influencer communications
– Launch and timing
– Stewardship
– Operations

Crowdfunding is not magic – there is methodology, and it can be learned.

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University of York Case Study

Read the case study to discover how the University of York grew their donor numbers by 33% with crowdfunding.

Somerville College Case Study

Learn how Somerville College is using crowdfunding to enhance their annual and major giving programs.

TCU Case Study

Find out how Texas Christian University tripled their Giving Day social ambassadors.

University of Essex Case Study

Learn how the University of Essex quadrupled their donor base in one year with crowdfunding.

Hubbub Promotion Guide

This guide provides great ideas for each stage of your  crowdfunding campaign.

Hubbub Reward Guide

Tips and advice to help campaigners choose and manage rewards.

Stakeholder Guide

The why, who, what and how of gaining the support of key stakeholders to run a successful crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding Guide

A short book to provide advice and a basic structure on how to run successful campaigns!

Free tools

Donor Churn Calculator

Predict the effects of donor churn on your donor numbers and fundraising revenue over 10 years.

Campaign Calculator

Test your assumptions about how much you can raise from your network with our simulator.

Crowdfunding Calculator

Estimate how much your institution could raise through crowdfunding with our calculator – powered by real data.

Annual Giving Canvas

A strategic management template for developing a new or documenting your existing annual giving program.

Twenrich Report

Our Twenrich tool analyses the followers of a given Twitter handle to show you who is likely to be interested in your cause.