Why Hubbub Fundraising?

We create sustainable fundraising programs through exceptional, personal supporter experiences.

Today, fundraising is more competitive than ever. Inspiring a donor to take action is about having the right combination of insight, technology and storytelling.

Digital gives you the tools to extract insight from data, leverage the best technology, and uncover and tell the best stories to the widest audience. Used well, it enhances every aspect of fundraising. This is where Hubbub comes in.

Every single one of our clients to date has seen double (or triple) digit percentage increases in donor acquisition within one year. Join them.

How do we do this?

Today, only a tiny percentage of potential prospects actually give. We analyze your existing networks and your capacity to reach beyond them into the vast pool of silent prospects. We help you understand and characterize today’s – and tomorrow’s – donors; to make charitable giving personal.

We help you use this insight to build unforgettable donor journeys that will inspire, acquire and retain new donors. We unlock your data and your content to create stories that will both resonate with the crowd and attract the interest of major donors.

We help you measure the results of your work, and continuously integrate and iterate to help your donors see why what you do is changing the world.

We provide open source technology, open knowledge sharing forums and open conferences to bring together the experienced, the passionate and the curious. Together, we change the world for the better.

What is Hubbub Fundraising?

Our philosophy is to better engage your supporters in the most natural way for them. We do this using three primary focuses: prospecting, engagement, and growth.



We provide solutions to help you understand the shape of your existing networks, and the potential to grow them. We analyze your existing data and networks, sprinkle in rich contextual information from social media, and provide clear prospects, ambassadors, segments and insights for future campaigns.

Prospecting and research help you set out the strategy and the roadmap for engagement and growth of your prospect pool.



Our engagement and fundraising solutions helps you bring the insights and stories from your organization to the world, and acquire new members, supporters, and donors. We help you deliver petitions, pledges, and simple giving forms along with crowdfunding, giving days, class gifts and peer to peer fundraising to build a rich pipeline of new donors. Engagement builds a prospect pool for the future.



Our retention and donor stewardship solutions help you communicate with your supporter base, better understand their responses, and target those most interested in getting involved. To do this, we combine email marketing, social media analytics and advanced regular donation flows. Growth maximizes the outcomes from your existing – and newly engaged – supporter base.

How do we get involved?

We want to talk to you and understand you and your organization. What does success look like today? What are your goals and your targets? What happens if we double them?

We have the people, technology and insight to help you unlock the very best of your organization – increasing your acquisition, engagement and funds raised. And this all starts with you.

We can’t wait to meet you.