Discover influential Twitter followers for your campaign

Running a major campaign for your organization or institution?

Our Twenrich tool analyzes the followers of a given Twitter handle to show you who is likely to be interested in your cause.

If you’re running a campaign related to medicine you can give Twenrich keywords, such as ‘biology’ or ‘medical research’. Twenrich will then provide you with a list of Twitter followers who have those terms in their biographies. This segmentation helps you to run really targeted campaigns!

You will receive 2 reports:

Receive a list of Twitter followers segmented by keywords

If you give Twenrich a keyword, it will produce a list of followers with the keyword in their Twitter biographies.
Let’s take Hubbub’s CEO Jonathan as an example. His Twitter handle is @jonathan_may.  Jonathan could use ‘rugby’ as his keyword if he was running a crowdfunding campaign for a new university rugby stadium. Twenrich will generate a list of his followers that have ‘rugby’ in their Twitter biographies. This list would be ideal to engage with for the rugby stadium campaign. Jonathan can also use Twenrich to analyse other relevant Twitter accounts e.g. @EnglandRugby.

Receive a summary report of your Twitter influencers

We’ll also send you an easy-to-share summary report about your Twitter influencers.