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We offer our skills as designers for your help to buy the parts to build our screen printing table


We are Sophie & Chris: two graphic design students currently in our third year at UWE, in Bristol. We have begun this collabration as we are both interested in building our own screen printing table. Alongside this, we are also exploring the idea of sharing our skills and our value as young designers. 

When starting out designers often work for free to gain experience and make connections. We are happy to do this but through this process are asking for your donations to help us develop our practice. When you dontate we offer our skills as designers to help you and in return you help us buy the parts to build our screen printing table.

Screenprinting is a traditional printing process valued highly within the creative industry. We both practise this technique but by building and having our own table we will have the freedom and ability to share this process with others within education. 

We are asking for £100 to buy the materials needed as well as inks and paper to sustain the project. 

Please click the 'I want to help' button to help share our project.

Thank YOU!


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