The Oxford Belles performing at Edinburgh Fringe

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The Oxford Belles are hoping to gain sponsorship to help cover costs of performing at the Fringe.

What we're doing

After competing in the Oxford round of Voice Festival, Edinburgh Fringe is our next project. We've improved so much over the last few years and we have started working on new arrangements that we will be performing, for the first time, at the Fringe. We will also be keeping some of the old favourites of our audiences. In addition, we are hoping to raise awareness of our group outside of the university.


What we need support for

The Oxford Belles-Oxford University's original all female acappella group-are looking for sponsorship to help cover some of the costs of singing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. This includes:


  • accomodation costs throughout the three week festival
  • registration fee with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • deposit on the venue at which we're performing
  • advertising costs, such as posters and flyers


We are happy to pay for our own travel costs to the festival as we're really keen to sing there. We have performed at the Fringe for the past few years and it's been such a fun experience!

The Belles in action!

Please watch these two videos of our performances at Voice Festival last week:



Also, listen to our band page on facebook or like 'The Oxford Belles' to hear our news and watch recordings of us at gigs:

Facebook recording


Last week, we sang on Jack FM-the local Oxfordshire radio-and there is a recording of us talking and singing on it here:

Oxford Belles live on JackFM

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