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This is our new name and website. hubbub is about crowds, about general excitement, tumultuous change, about a lot of people talking at the same time. It's a name that expresses the increasing levels of activity we want in education. And that we are doing it together.

Keep following your dreams!
The hubbub team

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Providing fun events for disadvantaged primary school children


We are two students from Loughborough University who, starting in October 2012, will be taking disadvantaged children from local primary schools out on trips, free of charge. This is to give them experiences that they may otherwise have no opportunity to indulge in.

This project is important, as nowadays too many children miss out on the fun and exciting childhood memories that they deserve, and we would like to change that.

One of our aims is to regularly take small groups of children to events such as bowling with a meal or cinema trips, while also planning a day trip to a theme park for which we will accomodate a much larger group of children. 

Unfortunately, we can't do this without your help. Although we have a sum of funding provided by the volunteering community within Loughborough University, we could use more sponsors in order to provide continuous opportuninites for the children over the school year. There are many hidden costs in taking a group of children on a day trip, including costs for food, transport and drivers, first aiders, and then the actual trip itself, alongside many other expenditures.

So please, sponsor us if you can, or equally, take the time to share our project with others you know who may be interested in investing in the happiness of children today.

Thank you for your time :)