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Graduate chemists to the rescue!

The Graduate Chemistry Association Community Project 2012


Who are we?

The GCA committee currently consists of: Helen Pritchard-Smith (President), Emily Neeve (Vice-President), Kate Smith (Secretary), Steph Flynn (Social Secretary) and Tania Chase (Treasurer). We represent the 400 postgraduate chemists within the University of Bristol Chemistry Department. Each year the GCA organises a community project (an event to enable chemists to get involved in a community project), there are many different ways to give our support to local groups but, where possible, we like to be a part of the process helping to rejuvenate local areas.

The project

Many projects in Bristol are well funded and have well organised channels for donation. We chose the Easton Community Centre as it is a focal point within Bristol, not only for the immediate residents but anyone wishing to get involved in the many activities that take place there. Lots of groups use this centre - single mothers network, food cycle community meals, migrants' rights drop in centre, to name but a few.

We went to meet with two of the people who are in charge of the running and maintenance of the centre and they gave us an insight as to what an inspirational place it is. They need to raise over £110,000 per year just to stay afloat. Some does come from government funding, but most comes from their hard work, so a large group of volunteers to help with much needed maintenance is more than they could have hoped for.

There are two rooms that are in need of redecoration: a meeting room and the sunshine room which is not currently living up to its name. In addition, we will be clearing, cleaning and painting the courtyard, and de-weeding and re-planting.

The money situation

- We currently have £400 but we will need to double that to complete what is required at Easton Community Centre.
- We will spend the money on paint, rollers, paint-brushes, curtains and blinds for the two rooms. Paint, gardening tools, soil and plants for the courtyard and garden are also needed.

- Please can you share our project with any other networks you may be part of, especially people who may be interested in our project.

This is a great project that needs your help. Please support us in any way you can.


Thank you so much!

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