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This is our new name and website. hubbub is about crowds, about general excitement, tumultuous change, about a lot of people talking at the same time. It's a name that expresses the increasing levels of activity we want in education. And that we are doing it together.

Keep following your dreams!
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Rag & Bone Productions take on the Edinburgh Fringe!

Who are we?
We are Rag & Bone Productions, a Durham Student Theatre company committed to creating stimulating theatre with a focus on the physical! Our primary aim is to merge movement and drama to create storytelling that is both aesthetically pleasing and theatrically engaging. The Rag & Bone rehearsal process is truly collaborative. Our work is initially refined through a series of workshops in which the cast is given the opportunity to experiment with their own ideas, giving everyone a level of input to create a strong group piece.

About the project

This summer we will be making our first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with our dark and innovative take on a classic Greek myth. This tragic story of hurt, rejection, pride and vanity follows the disastrous consequences of a man falling in love with his own reflection. The cast of eight students will use an exciting combination of physical theatre, drama and dance to fuse visual spectacle with powerful storytelling.

So why do we need your help?
Without your support, we would struggle to create the onstage spectacle that is so important in making our play truly outstanding! Any generous donations will go straight towards:

  • Costume
  • Set & props
  • Make-up
  • Lighting

Any donation will be incredibly appreciated. Please also feel free to share our fundraising page amongst others who may be interested, or follow us on twitter!/RagandBoneEF.

Oh and of course come to see the show if you are in Edinburgh this summer!

Tickets can be booked at:

Thank you for all your support!

 Rag & Bone productions

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Thu 05 Jul 2012
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Sun 22 Jul 2012
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Imogen Beech
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