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Welcome to the CUHCS Sanskaar project!

What is Sanskaar?

Sanskaar is our termly magazine. It provides a platform for young Hindus to express and discuss their opinions regarding Hinduism whilst also connecting with the wider community. It includes articles ranging from intellectual debate such as being a modern day Hindu to using yoga to handling stress during exam season. Sanskaar provides a way of connecting the community with interesting features on contemporary topics alongside educating readers on new topics. This is our way of maintaining and exploring our culture with not only the student community, but to all Hindus in the area, and in other prominent Hindu societies.

Our plans for Sanskaar

We aim to increase Sanskaar distribution and readership during the course of this year by improving its reach and article diversity. We hope to convey students’ views on contemporary topics by printing hard copies of Sanskaar to supplement the online publication of the magazine, which already has a prominent following. As ambitious as this is, we know it would be a worthwhile investment to increase readership not only within the society but also to the 25,000 students currently studying at the University of Cambridge. This will additionally help us raise the profile of the society.

Why do we need help?

To support our ambitious expansion plans for Sanskaar, we would need funds to pay for the printing costs and additional advertising of our magazine.

However, monetary support is not all we require. Any additional advertising or distribution of the online magazine would also be appreciated so the opinions and views of the Hindu Community within CUHCS can be conveyed across the globe.

Hence your money will be used towards:


-Additonal Publicity

Hence we kindly ask you to support us in this venture and even the smallest contribution would be appreciated.

To view the latest issue of Sanskaar, please visit: http://www.cuhcs.org.uk/SpryAssets/files/sanskaar/east12.pdf

Previous issues of Sanskaar are available at: http://www.cuhcs.org.uk/pages/sanksaar/sanskaar.html

Thanks for taking the time to view our project and please contact us if you have any queries at sponsorship@cuhcs.org.uk

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