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Who are we?

Originally a society founded in the University of Cambridge, the Arab Innovation Network [AIN] is the first non-profit youth driven innovation network focused on the Arab region. AIN acts as a platform for Arab youth to explore problems and develop solutions for major regional challenges in entrepreneurship, environment, health, and information and communication technology.

Alongside oil and gas, the Arab countries’ major export is human capital. The Arab Knowledge report (2009) highlights that the region’s performance in the innovation pillar index is the lowest in the Arab knowledge status, mainly due to the lack of funding, acknowledgement and incentives, and ongoing obstacles to protecting patents and launching products. Here is where AIN plays to fill these voids by incentivising the youth towards innovation through the collaboration of universities, companies and not-for-profits to exploit knowledge towards meeting the region’s challenges and market needs.

To help us empower the youth, strengthen innovation and support development in the region we need YOUR help.

The conference: AINAC 2012

The first Arab Innovation Network Annual Conference (AINAC) is a three-day conference (4-6 December, 2012) taking place on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which comprises of:

  • A high- quality research competition -  read more
  • Inspiring keynote speakers and informative workshops -  read more
  • Exhibition from academia and industry practitioners - read more 

Why help us?

We operate in a very open, honest and transparent way and would be happy to share our current financial balance and budget with you, if interested.

We want to be able to support underpriviliged students with great potential and put together an inspiring inaugural conference to really get the ball rolling.

Aside from helping fund the conference, your sponsorship will help make this conference a more open one: where high-achieving students with lots of potential can attend regardless of financial standing and the best students are awarded with prizes that will help fund further research and the development of the idea or to help in pastoral or career-related development, as is found relevant. So it will go towards supporting the travel costs of underpriviliged students with high potential, monetary prizes to support the competition winners' ideas and potential scholarship that will help develop respective research directions. 

We have already booked the venue, spoken to keynote speakers, competition judges, registered students, spoken to collaborators and universities, etc. It IS actually happening. We just need YOUR help to bring the idea to fruition. 

Spread the word!

Please spread the word with your networks! Get AIN out there! We need all the help we can get. Any support is much appreciated.


Without your support, AIN would be nothing.



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