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This is our new name and website. hubbub is about crowds, about general excitement, tumultuous change, about a lot of people talking at the same time. It's a name that expresses the increasing levels of activity we want in education. And that we are doing it together.

Keep following your dreams!
The hubbub team

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A Drawing Exhibition

We are BA(hons) Drawing students from University College Falmouth putting on a Drawing exhibition in Southwark, London. 

We are fundraising for advertising (spaces in magazines, websites and printing a publication) as we want to spread the word about our ideas on Drawing. We see Drawing as a means of expression in its own right. Through this exhibition we aim to explore the potential of the subject whilst also questioning its validity in the contemporary art world.

We want a vibrant scene at our exhibition so please spread the word:


Thank you!


Amy Isles Freeman - £30 reward

 £30 reward


Sophie Glover - £50 reward (see for more drawings)



John Kyrycz - £50 reward (see for more etchings)


Eleanor Meyer - £50 reward


Amy Freeman - £50 reward

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