Hubbub Webinar

Running a $100k Crowdfunding Campaign

A Guide to Major Crowdfunding with Justin Ware and Jonathan May

November 14th 2017 – 2pm (EST)

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This webinar will take you through actionable steps non-profits can take to run a Major Crowdfunding Campaign. Crowdfunding is not magic – there is methodology, and it can be learned!

This webinar will take you through actionable steps non-profits can take to run a Major Crowdfunding Campaign. It will build on the advice from the accompanying 35 page major crowdfunding guide. Running a $100k+ campaign can seem overwhelming. This webinar aims to break down the steps required to run a successful campaign and enhance major donor solicitation strategies.

Key takeaways:

  • Planning your campaign
    How should you choose your crowdfunding target(s)? How can you properly resource your campaign and build a committed crowdfunding team?
  • Utilizing networks
    How can you identify key donor networks and determine their propensity to give? How can you identify key ambassadors to promote and share your campaign? How should you engage these networks before, during and after your campaign?
  • Major donors
    How can you dig deeper into digital for enhanced major donor solicitation strategies?
  • Donor Data
    How should you segment your data? How can you deal with data protection issues? How can collected data be smoothly integrated with different platforms?
  • Tools & Communities
    What tools are available to help you organise a major crowdfunding campaign and solicit major donors? What crowdfunding communities should you look into?
  • Q&A
    Opportunity to ask any pressing questions about major crowdfunding.

Meet the Speakers



Justin Ware

Co-Founder & President of Groundwork Digital

With work spanning nonprofits, higher education, and media, Justin is a fundraising and content marketing expert as well as a thought leader in the digital donor engagement industry. Justin has spoken at numerous conferences, and led consulting engagements for universities and non-profits around the world.

Jonathan May

CEO, Founder Hubbub

Jonathan is the CEO and founder of Hubbub, a leading provider of digital fundraising solutions for the charity and higher education sectors. He is also an Associate Partner at More Partnership, where he works to help non-profits and universities implement effective digital strategies. He is a passionate advocate of digital as a means of improving fundraising practices, and creating engaged giving communities. He is also an advisor at Freedom from Torture and a Trustee of Music for my Mind.

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