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With Hubbub’s expertise, our university successfully held the largest 24-hour giving day campaign in the history of our institution. Through this campaign, we were able to engage our young alumni in ways we had not been able to before. Hubbub’s commitment to their clients’ success is outstanding!

Ashley Fox, Annual Giving Officer, Southern Adventist University

Our Giving Day solutions help you engage young and new donors, reconnect with lapsed donors, stimulate student and campus philanthropy and matchfund with major donors. 

With Hubbub Giving Days you can:

1. Plan a branded and themed giving day

  • The best giving days develop a theme and branded visuals to share during the campaign.
  • This helps to empower your ambassadors, create a buzz on social media and ensure that the campaign stands out from your everyday marketing.

2. Identify and recruit ambassadors

  • It’s not just you and your team! Students, staff and alumni all act as ambassadors for the cause, helping you spread your campaign like wildfire.
  • Hubbub Ambassadors simplifies ambassador recruitment, management and gamification. It supercharges the reach of your campaigns, keeps you informed of ambassador activity and saves your team the effort of manual recruitment and management.

3. Run an exciting day with matchfunding and challenges

  • Matchfunding and challenges dramatically increase campaign success. Our technology ensures that they all operate in real time, automatically, with no manual work.
  • Popular challenges include: number of donors, number of young alumni donations, location based challenges, and school participation challenges.

4. Follow up with automatic thank you emails

  • Gratitude is the key to building long-term relationships.
  • Make your donors feel valued with prompt thank you emails. We provide default copy for your emails – which you can customize to align with your campaign messaging.
  • This is also a great opportunity to ask your donors to help spread the word.

5. Accept never-ending recurring payments 

  • The point of donation is the perfect time to invite your donors to opt-in for regular gifts.
  • Donors’ cards will continue to work even if the card number or expiry date changes – we work with card networks so that your donors can continue giving without interruption.

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