What is crowdfunding?
Hubbub is a crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is sponsorship by a crowd of many donors, each making an individual, small donation in return for a small reward, like a t-shirt or a project poster. Hubbub provides a platform to showcase projects to a potentially huge audience, and gives sponsors an easy way to donate.
How are we different?
Hubbub's key benefit is our focus on education. By doing so, we are able to showcase new projects to those who have already sponsored connected projects - such as those at the same university or town or in similar categories.
Who is it for?
Hubbub brings crowdfunding to the education sector, offering universities, colleges, schools, and their students and staff an accessible, alternative method to obtain social funding for their ideas and projects.
How do I create a project?
Simply login and enter a few key details: a description of what you want to do, a funding target and completion date, and some rewards for pledges. Images and videos can also bring your project to life! We offer advice, tips, and feedback all along the way.
All-or-nothing funding?
Every project must achieve its minimum needed by its completion date or no funds change hands. Why? Part of the appeal of Hubbub is that sponsors get to engage with projects and see where their money is going. This keeps everyone happy!
Are there any fees?
Hubbub charges no fees. PayPal applies fees of ~3.5% to successful projects. We recommend adding a little bit more to your funding target to cover these costs. If a project is not successful no fees whatsoever are charged.
We launched in
February, 2012
We are a team of 12 based
in London, UK

Jonathan May

Founder and CEO - @jonathan_may

Jonathan has a passion for seeing young businesses and projects succeed. He is a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur, founder and mentor. After graduating from Cambridge University, he ran a series of startups from web development to table football operation and business, and consulted for several startups and blue-chips.

Duncan Knox

Founder and Marketing Director - @DuncanKnox

Duncan graduated in 2007 with a Master's degree in Physics from Queen's College, Oxford, where he ran and represented his favourite sports clubs. After graduating Duncan further developed his expertise in education and sponsorship while teaching at Tonbridge School in Kent. He also co-founded Foosball UK with Jonathan. He is now devoted to helping students and staff find funding, and wants to make crowdfunding increasingly accessible to everyone involved in education.

Sophia Duffy

Senior Designer and Front End Developer - @duffy_sophia

Sophia is a top Bristol-based graphic designer and front-end developer, with experience across a range of areas including interface design, user experience, front-end web development, web-based services and strategic development. After graduating with a BSc in Software Engineering and an MA in e-Learning Design and Development from the University of Limerick, Sophia worked for seven years as freelance brand and web expert for a plethora of large and small businesses across Ireland and the UK. She is now excited to use her experience to make hubbub a smooth and attractive website with usability at its core.

Caroline Mulligan

Product Director - @widgity

Caroline has more than 10 years of product experience with start ups and multinationals. She joined hubbub after hearing Jonathan paint a vibrant picture of the future of education and innovation. Who wouldn't want to join the ride?

Karien Stroucken

Development Director - @kariens

Karien is our Development Director. With a fascination for technology and social innovation, she started her career at the University of Amsterdam and has been closely involved in setting up the first Dutch, community-led, open source development foundation. Continuing her career she worked at one of the world largest online marketing agencies for clients like Microsoft, Boots and L’Oreal. In recent years her focus has shifted towards creative technology for social innovation. As the Manager of the Creative Learning Lab her projects ranged from managing a national platform for structural creative innovation in education to the development of a broad range of creative digital tools for learning. Karien is strategy advisor UK for Fairphone who have fully crowdfunded their European launch. At hubbub she works on university crowdfunding strategies and our white label product features and develops scalable support infrastructures.

Ian Culshaw

Front End Developer - @culshaw

Ian escaped unscathed from Teesside University clutching a BSc in Web Development. Although not to be confused with the black wearing soothsayer from Jurassic Park. He eloped from Rum Runners Island after 4 days and nights with two sea turtles lassoed with human hair before returning to civilisation; swapping the salty seas for a desk and a chair with wheels in order to craft the finest websites in the land, striving for only perfection and winning awards in the process.

Patrick Farrell

CTO - @farrepa

Nerd, University of Warwick Computer Science (MEng) graduate, Goldman Sachs worker bee in a previous life, and entrepreneur. I'm a mythical full stack engineers: adept at Python, Django, happy playing with Go and Gorilla, handy with a debugger be it pdb, gdb, or Firebug. I appreciate a good provisioning with Salt or Ansible – no thank you Chef or Puppet, enjoy a tasty db execution plan, admire Bootstrap and ZURB for making lives easier, love Backbone.js, tolerate Angular.js, and dabble with typography – all in the name of making platforms like hubbub beautiful inside and out and a treat to use.

Hayden Taylor

Relationships Manager - @HaydenYP

Hayden is a unique young social entrepreneur. Since a young age, he has built up extensive experience in the promotion, community and political sector. In 2010, Hayden held various elected posts within the student scene, as a diplomat for education improvement and development. In 2012, Hayden started his first job as a regional marketing coordinator for the largest UK social action program, Telefonica’s O2 Think Big Scheme. Hayden then went on to start his own social enterprise, Question Me UK Ltd which is focused on delivering training and support contracts to UK schools and colleges. In addition to this, he facilitates a path finding role with hubbub.net, a leading student crowd funding site based in London specifically focusing on the development of the companies outside relationships.

Fabio La Franca


Fabio brings more than a decade of finance experience to hubbub where, as CFO, he is responsible for all strategic financial decisions. Fabio has an MBA from the University of Exeter and qualified as an ACA while working for PWC in London prior to joining hubbub.

Former Colleagues

Russ Ferriday

Formerly, hubbub's Chief Technology Officer, Russ joined us early in 2012 bringing his broad experience of all aspects of designing and developing software systems, from vision to implementation. He has managed powerful development teams, architected and developed complex systems, and built his own business, delivering products and services to top-of-the-line technology companies. As well as taking a keen interest in the success of hubbub and the team, Russ continues to help his clients develop quality software systems.

Trinysha Thomas

Senior Executive Assistant - @trinysha

Trinysha kept everyone at hubbub in check and on track. Since her arrival at hubbub, she implemented business processes and systems to increase our team's efficiency and organisation. We've been lucky to have such a driven and motivated Senior Executive Assistant. She left us in March 2014 to finish up her Bsc Business and Accounting and to start her own business on the sunny shores of Spain. We're not jealous - honest!

Paul Hallett

Freelance Software Engineer - @phalt_

Paul Hallett is a talented Software Engineer specialising in Python and Django. Outside of work, Paul contributes to the open source community, and regularly organises and attends conferences. Despite only graduating in May 2013, Paul already has a great portfolio of successful projects and applications.

We have an awesome network

Our Board of Directors

Professor David May

FRS FREng - Chair

XMOS CTO and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bristol. David has 33 granted patents with many pending patents centred around microprocessor technology. He is on the technical advisory boards of several semiconductor companies.

Professor Selby Knox


Selby had 35 years experience within the University of Bristol, including 15 in senior management positions. He was Head of the School of Chemistry from 1992-2001, before joining the senior management team of the University as Pro Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for resources (Finance and Estates) from 2004 - 08.

Jonathan May


Jonathan has a passion for seeing young businesses and projects succeed. He is a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur, founder and mentor. After graduating from Cambridge University, he ran a series of startups from web development to table football operation and business, and consulted for several startups and blue-chips.

Duncan Knox

Marketing Director

Duncan graduated in 2007 with a Master's degree in Physics from Queen's College, Oxford, where he ran and represented his favourite sports clubs. After graduating Duncan further developed his expertise in education and sponsorship while teaching at Tonbridge School in Kent. He also co-founded Foosball UK with Jonathan. He is now devoted to helping students and staff find funding, and wants to make crowdfunding increasingly accessible to everyone involved in education.

Our Advisors

Andrew Barraclough

Andrew is currently VP of Global Design at GlaxoSmithKline, with a remit to build a new Design Management organisation and create a culture of Design Thinking. For over 20 years Andrew has worked within the FMCG industry in roles covering R&D, Marketing and Design Management. He has also set up and run his own design agency, which achieved runner up in the HSBC Start Up Stars awards for small businesses.

Sharon Barraclough

Sharon is currently Head of Brand Strategy at Telefonica UK – owners of the O2 brand. Previously she was European Brand Director at Mars Chocolate. Classically trained through several large FMCG businesses she is a strategic brand builder, influencing and driving the business agenda. Having worked on many top 100 brands she is passionate about making a business successful through creating and nurturing one of its strongest assets - a clear, unique and engaging brand.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is Managing Director at Pearson UK. He is a Governor of De Montfort University, a Cambridge Fellow in Science & Policy and the author of The Leadership Book (FT Publishing, second edition 2013).

Esther Foreman

Esther is a Director of the Social Change Agency, a systemic change innovation agency, dedicated to supporting, guiding and working with organisations, people and boards to bring about positive social change. Esther specialises in designing and building movements of people as well as coaching social change agents. She has over 15 years experience in the not for profit area, working for large charities, social enterprises and universities.

Bill Earner

Venture Capitalist specializing in early stage technology startups. Extensive experience in marketing and engineering roles. Formerly of Amadeus Capital Partners, Bill is now a Partner at Connect Ventures.

Nick Bishop

Nick is currently Head of Finance at XMOS in Bristol, UK. He joined XMOS after holding the post of Director of Finance for nearly 8 years at Cramer Systems, where he was responsible for group finances and was heavily involved in raising capital, an acquisition and the successful trade sale of Cramer to Amdocs.

Rajiv Shah

Graduated from Cambridge University in 2005; then trained and practised law at two global law firms in London and Abu Dhabi. He is experienced in advising FTSE 100 clients and financial institutions in the corporate, financial and UK tax law, and is a qualified Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales.

James Barrett

James graduated from Oxford University in 2007, and is a quantitative equity portfolio manager for Auriel Capital hedge fund in Jersey. Previously he worked at Old Mutual Asset Managers in London. He is experienced in advising institutions and high net worth individuals on their portfolio investments and strategies.

Hitesh Mehta

Hitesh has extensive experience as a venture capital investor in high technology companies with significant operational experience. Hitesh is a General Partner at Acacia Capital and was previously a General Partner of Amadeus Capital Partners Limited. Hitesh holds an Honours degree in Computer Science from Warwick University.

Michael Fauconnier-Bank

Michael is an active angel investor with considerable experience in investment banking, having worked with Citigroup for five years in public and private M&A, IPOs, debt and equity capital raising, and board-level strategy advisory roles. He is also currently the Chair of the European Crowdfunding Association.

Paul Owen

From growing a property company by 400% in 5 years to setting up a trade body from scratch to 400+ Members in 3 years, Paul has spent 15 years developing market-leading services alongside successful sales teams. He now runs Sales Talent Spotters, recruiting and training young salespeople for a range of clients.

Andy Powell

Following a degree from Cambridge, a doctorate in organisational behaviour and an initial career in industry, primarily IBM, Andy has spent over 25 years as CEO of various not-for-profit organisations. He has extensive experience and contacts within education and skills, and now acts as a strategic advisor to various education companies.

Maggie Lee

Senior Advisor to venture capitalist Beringea, with significant experience in helping entrepreneurs and investors grow and fund businesses. Extensive media skills having previously worked in television and business journalism. A Governor of the University of Westminster, Maggie was a founding non-executive director of the FOS and non-executive director of NHS Professionals.

Nick Sturge


Nick obtained a 1st class honours in Electronics & Computing, before joining Inmos in 1990. He then co-founded Motion Media Technology in 1993, which later listed on the London Stock Exchange with a market cap of £270m. Since 2006 he has built the SETsquared Business Accelerator to be one of the leading business incubators in the UK. Nick is an active angel investor and NED.

Tom Chant

Tom is currently Head of Wayra UK for Telefónica (known as O2 in the UK). A key player behind the development of the Wayra start-up accelerator program in the UK, he has previously held a number of key roles across Commercial Marketing, Innovation & Product for O2, LG & Nortel Networks.

Our Intention

Hubbub was created to help students generate funding for their ideas, and in doing so, to present everyone with the opportunity to support inspirational causes.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to provide opportunity, for everyone involved in education, to realise their imagination through accessible social funding.

Our Philosophy

At Hubbub, we believe in making scalable, social funding accessible for every student involved in education. We have a very strong ethical code that we share as a team. We believe businesses should exist to create ethical and valuable services and products, and we measure value in terms of long term social benefit. This is how we have structured our company and this will always be at the forefront of our growth.

The core principles that guide our actions are:
Inspire Awesome Projects

Universities and colleges naturally attract creative and ambitious people that want to do stuff! Our goal from the very start was to help make their ideas real. By providing an alternative, more accessible channel than traditional fund-raising methods, we offer students the opportunity to do this. These opportunities manifest themselves as projects and every time a project attracts a donation we know that many people have been inspired: the Crafter; their peers; and their Sponsors. Everybody gains and that's really exciting for us. With every awesome project we promote, we know this will breed other awesome projects. Through advising Crafters and promoting their projects as best we can, we create more and more awesome projects. It's a chain reaction.

User Centric

The easier our website is to use the more projects will be posted, and the better they will be. There will also be more sponsors and those sponsors will support more projects because browsing the site will be enjoyable and fascinating. Sponsors and Crafters want to engage with each other. Through intelligent website design we will create a safe and enjoyable social platform for our users.

Be Open

All decisions, research, updates, problems and solutions will be open by default. We have nothing to hide - in fact we have plenty to share. Instead of asking why something should be open, we will always ask instead why it should not be. We won't talk down to you, and we won't put artificial barriers, sales speak or marketing drivel in your way. We understand that we wouldn't exist without our users, and we want to build a company that they feel is a valuable part of their lives.

In implementing these principles we wish to:
Cultivate a global ethos of supporting members of educational institutions

No matter what country you are in there is a shortage of funding in this area. Giving feels good, but it feels better when you know who you are supporting and how you are helping them. It's also more interesting. By providing a platform for the world to explore Crafters' inspiring ideas, we aim to propagate a culture of giving to the creative and ambitious people who will use it in exciting ways.

Use profits to continually offer a better service

One question we are often asked is why we are a 'for profit' company. There are a few simple reasons. Firstly, surplus is vital to growth - we want to create a company that is able to reinvest easily and grow. Additionally, for-profit companies find it much easier to raise investment to support their activities, and so tend to grow faster and offer a better service. We don't believe profit and social benefit are mutually exclusive. For a crowdfunding platform, long-term profit can only derive from creating long-term social value - and it is for that reason that we consider Hubbub a 'social enterprise by design'.